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SSL certificates are what make secure data transfer possible. They are certificates that are installed where a website is hosted so websites can send and retrieve data securely encrypted. There are many different types of certificates with different levels of security and validation, as well as different levels of coverage in the event of trouble. SSL certificates can be purchased through many different providers. Some can charge higher prices than others for similar certificates because of brand, but brand doesn't determine the level of security for you or your customer.
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E-commerce sites NEED SSL certificates
E-commerce sites NEED SSL certificates

Here is our price for the most common SSL certificates: (US dollars)
A complete price list of prices will be here soon.

Certificate1 year pricewarranty
InstantSSL$69$50 US
InstantSSL Pro$95$2500 US
PremiumSSL$121$10,000 US
Extended Validation (EV) SSL$425$250,000 US

If you are in need of a certificate, or have any questions, contact us.
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Our SSL certificates are from Comodo. We are a reseller and can offer them to you for less, plus if you're hosting your site with us, there is no charge for installation of the certificate.

Our e-commerce package deals, package 6, package 7, or package 8, include an SSL certificate and setup so you can have a secure checkout system.

Why should you use an SSL certificate from Comodo?

  • Most cost effective, fully validated, and fully supported, SSL Certificates available
  • As trusted as Verisign & Thawte, yet a fraction of the price
  • 99% browser ubiquity
  • High grade encryption
  • Validation processes as strong as Verisign and far stronger than GeoTrust
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • 30 day free replacement and reissue policy
  • Varying levels of warranty for specific site needs
  • Free TrustLogo (worth $119 US) with every SSL Certificate

About SSL security

Here is Comodo's warranty
What is the Warranty?
We believe it is important to protect the end user. If we were to mis-issue a certificate to a fraudulent site, and that fraudulent site has an SSL link with an end user and as a result of this the end user loses money. The end user had what they thought was a "trusted session". Comodo should never have provided the fraudster with the ability to engineer this situation. Hence, we have taken out insurance to pay out money to the end user. How can we do this?

1. We value the end customer
2. We believe the insurance provided greater peace of mind hence allows the merchant to sell more products
3. Most importantly, we value our validation techniques

We provide validation that is far higher than some other SSL providers. Some CA's have very weak validation hence they decide NOT to offer zero or low insurance! Finally, it is worth pointing out, that we offer high validation, but not at the compromise of speed. You can still obtain SSL extremely quickly.

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