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shopping - what most people like to do, whether they can afford to or not
cart - what people put things in to put together or make easier to carry
shopping cart - what people put things in while shopping that they plan to buy, or wish they could

Any business that sells any products or services online needs a shopping cart system. It can be a simple one with one item that automatically goes to an order form or payment system, or a sophisticated shopping cart system that allows shoppers to save many different items, with quantities and options, and the ability to edit it later and even save it for later. Either way, to sell online, you need a shopping cart system. You could sell without one by just having a form customers use to contact you if they want something, but that would equal less sales for 2 reasons. First, people are less likely to actually order from you, and second, even the ones who contact you can change their mind. If someone actually places and order and pays for it online, it's a done deal, most of the time.

Shopping cart needs can vary drastically between businesses and features. Because of the differences, we ask that you contact us and tell us a little about your business, or planned business. Mainly what we need to know to give you a price is:
What kind of products/services are you selling?
How many different products/services are you selling?
What kind of options are there for the products?
What features do you want? (we can discuss this)
What payment methods do you want?
With this information, we can give you a reasonably accurate estimate on what it will cost to put a shopping cart system, tailored to your needs, together for you. To get a rough idea, a simple shopping cart for 1 item would be around $80.00 and a shopping cart system with 100 products, product options, and the ability to save and edit, would cost around $800.00.

Our website hosting comes with a control panel called cPanel. It contains a nice variety of software for different purposes, including some 3rd party shopping cart options. If you are at least a bit technically minded, or like to learn new things, you can also set up your own shopping cart system.

Our e-commerce package deals, package 6, package 7, or package 8, include our assistance in setting up a merchant account and payment gateway, or a 3rd party alternative, and shopping cart system with a secure checkout.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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