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Earn money by telling others about our services.

With our affiliate program, if you refer someone to us and it results in a sale, you earn a commission, and you even get to choose between our one time or continous earnings plan. With the continous earnings plan, you continue to earn a commission for as long as the customer is with us.

Our affiliate program is now in full operation. Sign up now to get the username and Affiliate ID you want before someone else does.

Program details:

Anyone can sign up as an affiliate. You don't need to be a customer of ours. Just sign up to be an affiliate partner, tell others about us, and start earning money. If you are a customer of ours and like our services enough to tell your friends, you might as well become an affiliate partner and earn income when your friends come to us. You choose whether you prefer the one-time or continous plan when you sign up, and you get web based access to your record of earnings and payments. You can even create multiple Affiliate ID's to know where sales are coming from.

When you sign up, you create a username and password for your account, and you choose your own Affiliate ID for others to use. When someone signs up for any of our services, they give us the Affiliate ID, you earn your commission, and they get a discount also. This helps to make sure they do give the Affiliate ID and gives them extra reason to use our services. You can even give others a link that will automatically fill in the Affiliate ID as long as they have cookies turned on. With multiple Affiliate ID's, you can even know which link brought the new customer.

When someone signs up for any of our services, you earn commission. How much depends on the service and whether you choose our one time or continous earnings plan. The customer also gets a discount as long as your Affiliate ID is provided.


Affiliate Earnings:

How much you earn depends on whether you choose the one time or continous plan when you sign up. The one time plan is usually more up front, but the continous plan means that even when you stop bringing us new customers, you keep making money. It's even possible to make a full time income selling our services.

This table shows your earnings and customer discounts.

Serviceone time plancontinous plancustomer's discount
more details

How easy is it to make money? If you sell our medium, WHD200, hosting package, paid monthly, you earn either $0.00 one time, or $0.00/month. Paid yearly you earn $0.00 one time, or $0.00/year. Most accounts are paid yearly, so, if you choose the continous plan and sell 1 WHD200 hosting package each weekday for 1 year, you will make $0.00/month every month, and after 1 year you can quit selling and still be making $0.00/month doing nothing. If you can sell 4 accounts/day, you can make $0.00/month and almost retire after 1 year. Even if you aren't a salesman, just tell your friends about us and make a little extra pocket money.

Income would decrease as accounts are cancelled, but most sites stay active for a few years.

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*This is what new customers will give us when placing an order for you to earn your commission and for them to receive a discount. It should be something easy to remember, maybe your website URL, your name, or part of your name. You can create additional ID's once your account is ready.

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